St. Columba prides itself on it’s interactive and engaging community! And we couldn’t have such a wonderful school and community without the many parent volunteers. St. Columba has many opportunities for parent volunteers to get involved and help out in the community, around school, and at various events throughout the year. Below are some great ways you can get involved as well as a little info about volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available:

  • Fall Festival
  • In Classroom (check with your room mom or teacher)
  • Spring Auction Class Project (3 volunteers per classroom)
  • Spring Auction Committee
  • Library

Volunteer Requirements:

Please note: The diocese requires all volunteers who are at the school on a frequent basis (weekly) to be live scanned.

Volunteer Positions Requiring LiveScan

  • Any adult who will be supervising a student alone.
  • All Coaches
  • On Going Volunteers (i.e. duty and classroom volunteers)

Volunteer Positions NOT Requiring LiveScan

  • Field Trip drivers