Mrs. Heather Whiteman

Email: kindergarten@stcolumbaschool.org


My name is Heather Whiteman. I have taught First grade and Kindergarten at St. Mary Star of the Sea for the last nine years. I graduated from California State University San Marcos and received my credential from the University of California San Diego. I have four children of my own that range from adulthood to toddler.

I absolutely love teaching the lower elementary grade. It is wonderful to see the academic and social progress of children during the early years. My philosophy is to teach to the whole child. Besides academics, it is important that social- emotional skills are nurtured for students to become good citizens. Emotional engagement is a powerful tool in learning. If students feel respected and cared for by their teacher. Given the tools, I feel that that every child can be successful and thrive. My enthusiasm for teaching comes across in my teaching and is contagious. I want  students to love coming to school everyday.

I look forward with great excitement to begin my journey at St. Columba and create lasting memories.


We have been learning about life cycles. The students enjoyed a field trip to the Carlsbad Flower fields and discovering how things grow.


Students are learning about Claude Monet this month. Their art turned out great. These Kindergarten students  are really impressing me!


Using the new materials                                     St. Patrick’s directed draw


Happy 100th Day of School! The kids made awesome projects, decorated hats, wrote to 100, and made a snack with 100 items. It was a fun day.



Homework will be sent home each Monday in the form of a packet in an orange folder. It is to be completed and returned on Friday. Please look through all directions and make sure your child’s work is neat and complete.

It is very important that kindergartners are being read to night and have a chance to read as well. The total nightly reading should be 20 minutes. Nightly reading improves their phonemic awareness, listening skills, and build vocabulary, just to name a few.

Be sure to check out Starfall. It is free and they have a ton of learning games for students! Just click the link below.