Mrs. Mary Harkay

Hello St. Columba Families,

This is my third year here at St. Columba and my twentieth year in Catholic education. Fifth grade is a pivotal year in a child’s development. The transition is being made from elementary school to middle school.

Fifth grade curriculum is more challenging and the year covers novels as well as basal readers in literature. Math concepts include more work with fractions and decimals. The fifth-graders journey through early American History and learn about the states of our great nation. We are incorporating NGSS science standards here at St. Columba. Religion classes explore Jesus and the sacraments. Fifth grade at our school is a wonderful place to learn and grow!

Incoming fifth-graders:

I am so excited to be your new teacher!

Keep working on IXL-you are doing great!

Don’t forget to take Flat Jesus with you on your summer adventures.

Summer Packet 2017

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New Doc 2017-06-16_5 (Supply List)

New Doc 2017-06-16_4 (Lemonade Reading)

New Doc 2017-06-16_3 (Graphic Organizer Book Report #2)


Sharing a skit in religion class.

Creating a STEM project with 100 toothpicks

Grandparent portraits