Mrs. Lisset Madsen


First Grade is the place to be! My name is Mrs. Madsen and I am thrilled to be a part of the talented team of teachers here at St. Columba. First and foremost, I feel truly blessed at the opportunity to teach your child. This year, with God’s grace, will be one of learning and spiritual growth.

My love for this country and my adventurous nature brought me to join the United States Navy, honorably serving for eight years. Since then, I have called many places my home. I am a military spouse and a mother of four. We have a son and a daughter who attend this school and the other two are our beloved black Lab and yellow Rhodesian Ridgeback-Lab dogs. I am an avid lover of nature and its wonders; especially the ocean. This love has brought me memorable experiences; such as swimming in two oceans and two of the most beautiful seas: The Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea. I love spending time with my family, doing crafts, relaxing, and restoring furniture. My love for teaching has also brought me memorable experiences.

“Every child is someone’s child”. These are the words of an author, and friend, who inspired me in my quest to be a better mother, teacher, and person. This statement relates to all children in the sense that every child is a gift from God, as well as someone else’s special gift. Our children deserve our attention, care, and efforts to reach their full potential. For this, I will have high expectations for our students and strive to do all that I can to help them achieve those expectations. Our classroom will be composed of a community that celebrates its members and their accomplishments; one that is a safe environment and allows for mistakes to happen. This will provide an opportunity for growth, compassion for one another, and learning that expands beyond our classroom.

Although this is my first year as a full time teacher and at St. Columba, I have gained teaching experience in more than one state. As a student teacher and school volunteer in Virginia, I provided support for teachers and effectively led classrooms; I always kept the students my top priority. During the seven years spent as a volunteer and three as a substitute, I gained valuable insight into the teaching and learning of our children. Substitute teaching, both daily and long term, in K-12 classrooms have allowed me to gain skills and knowledge in diverse learning environments. This has been true for my times as a substitute, both in Florida and in California. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and it is my goal to obtain my Master’s Degree in the near future.

Our school’s mission states that, in union with parents and guardians as the primary educators of our students, is a community of faith dedicated to academic excellence while bearing witness to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  We seek to educate the whole child, within the tradition of the Catholic Church, so students may confidently meet the challenge of living a Christ-centered life in a changing world. I truly believe in our school’s mission and aspire to be the mere wind of knowledge and resources that propels the student vessel to soar to new learning paths. It is my pleasure to join efforts with you in teaching our amazing children this year. Welcome to First Grade!

Mrs. Madsen’s Classroom Info

Classroom Updates

In this new year first grade will be soaring to new heights with exciting activities and learning goals. Some of the many things our students will be focusing on are STEM home/school projects, building components and organization of writing, poetry, religious growth, life skills, artistry, economics, time and money. Perhaps even develop a classroom economic system!


Check back often for more classroom updates!


Homework goes home on Mondays and need to be returned completed and signed by Friday

Thank You 😀

Class Projects & Photos

Group Project– How to Catch a Leprechaun (Read Aloud)

Leprechaun Traps

We are all ready to be the first ones to have ever caught a Leprechaun! Stay tune to see if we were successful!

~Update: The Leprechaun outsmarted us! He made a mess in our class and left us a note on the board. However, he was very impressed with our traps and left us some of his chocolate gold coins.


Expansion Across Curriculum & Community Relations

In our class, extending our studies beyond the classroom is very important for the education of the child as a whole. We want them to be exposed to helpful and positive experiences that allow for personal and educational growth.

Religion is a vital aspect of who we are and so is the love that God brings to our lives. As part of our Lenten journey and mirroring Jesus’ actions of love and almsgiving, we decided to visit the San Diego Humane Society. Prior to our visit we created a chart with our intensions for this season of Lent. Then, we discussed how we could accomplish our goal of showing love and giving to others. Visiting the SDHS was a great way to do that. In the weeks before our visit we collected carts full of needed things for the shelter animals. During our visit we learned about the community jobs involved and the hard work it takes to run this facility successfully. After touring the shelter and learning about the different procedures needed to effectively care for these animals, we met PJ. PJ is one of the shelter’s ambassadors.  He and his trainer showed us how to properly care for and how to establish communication with the pet. Our visit to the SDHS proved to be just as valuable for the shelter as for us. We had an amazing experience that we will treasure for the rest of our loves.

We had so much fun! I hope you hear all about it. 😀



As part of integration of STEM in our curriculum our students are assign a STEM Home/School Based project. Each month has a different topic with the minimum materials to be used. This project is open ended and allows for ingenuity and creativeness. This is clearly observed in the quality of their work. The topic for last month was:

What can you do with a cardboard paper towel roll?


Medieval Fair

Our school hosted an interactive medieval fair on campus. During the fair the students were able to engage in demonstrations and create products from these times. It was a fun and educational afternoon that I hope you hear all about it. 🙂




Check back often for updates as we will be doing lots of hands on learning and other community service projects.

First Grade Resources

Please be sure to supervise students while using the internet. These are suggestions only, not a requirement.