St. Columba Students are CLEAR about being:

C – faith filled Catholic who:

  • Develops a personal, communal and liturgical prayer life
  • Reflects on and applies the teachings of scripture and the Catholic Church
  • Understands and applies Catholic morality in decision making
  • Actively works to promote peace and justice through service to the community

L – a Lifelong Learner who:

  • Demonstrates curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • Possesses a solid foundation in skills to be able to think critically,
  • Share knowledge and solve problems
  • Explores and embraces cultural diversity
  • Appreciate the fine arts

E – an Effective Communicator who:

  • Works collaboratively, respecting the opinions, ideas and suggestions

of others

  • Speaks and writes, clearly and effectively
  • Actively listens, practices good manners and recognizes nonverbal

communication and social cues

  • Uses technology appropriately

A – a self-Aware Individual who:

  • Has a positive self-image as a Child of God, and reflects on his or her

personal growth

  • Understands and appreciates the gifts of others
  • Sets and accomplishes goals
  • Recognizes and values the need for good physical, spiritual and mental health

R – a Responsible Citizen who:

  • Accepts responsibility for the consequences of his or her actions
  • Seeks knowledge of current events and understands their global implication
  • Models self-discipline within the community
  • Dedicates herself/himself to the Gospel mission through service to others