Principal’s Corner: February 02, 2018

Dear Families,

St. Columba School had a week full of events. It was our hope that as a community we could celebrate the gift of Catholic education and all who have contributed to its legacy throughout the years and today. I was once told that Catholic education is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. I didn’t necessarily appreciate it going through 12 years with strict Dominican nuns. But as I became older, with life’s challenges, I realized that it was the beauty of faith that was instilled in me. It was just not the nuns who taught us about faith, but it was our parents who also understood their role in reinforcing it in us. Together the sisters and my parents not only taught me about God, but they demonstrated his goodness in their every day lives. Through faith our children will have the ability to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Most parents would agree that we have big dreams for our children. Children have big dreams for themselves. Perhaps that song the students enjoy to sing in Mass, “Go Make a Difference,” will give them the faith and perseverance to pursue their dreams.

Thank you to all our families and parishioners who have supported St. Columba School for the last 55 years. This parish has been built on love and dedication. On behalf of the faculty and staff of St. Columba we pray that God will bless our community with his love so that we can all work together in harmony instilling in children the beauty of faith, hope and peace.


Ms. Navarro