Principal’s Corner: June 09, 2017

Dear Families,
We have been blessed to have such dedicated and gifted teachers at St. Columba throughout the years. I feel particularly fortunate to be working with such wonderful educators who want to make a difference in our world. The rewards we receive from the success of our students are very dear to us, and are taken very seriously. Catholic school teachers choose to teach in a faith-based educational system because it is here that we can speak and practice freely the word of our Lord, as well as give them a strong academic foundation.
As with other professions, our teachers move on for personal reasons. It was with sadness that we bid farewell to Mrs. Whiteman, our Kindergarten teacher. We will miss Mrs. Whiteman because she proved to be such a stellar teacher this year, but are happy she is still remaining in Catholic education. She will be moving to St. Francis in Vista. Mrs. Whiteman did a fantastic job preparing the Kindergarten class for first grade.
Miss Elizabeth Davis will be replacing Mrs. Whiteman as the Kindergarten teacher. Miss Davis is not new to St. Columba. She worked in the Kindergarten during Fall as a personal aide to a special needs student. Beginning in January 2017, Miss Davis has been a frequent substitute teacher for Grades K-8. She comes to us well qualified and with lots of good energy and spirit. Let’s welcome her graciously to the St. Columba family.


Ms. Navarro