The Darkness by Victoria Bustria

The Darkness

by Victoria Bustria

I waited in line for the haunted house. My stomach was about to burst full of butterflies. “Del it’s not scary.” Lily reassuringly said. “I’m not that scared.” I said as I started to rub my hands nervously. “Alright, whatever you say.” Then we walked in.

Everything was dark… “BOO!” someone jumped out of nowhere. I screamed and kept screaming what I saw got scarier and even more horrid. “Del! It’s over!” I could faintly hear her. All of a sudden it stopped, I opened my eyes, “I’m somewhere else.” I thought. “Finally a new victim.” a voice said.

“Who are you?” I asked. “A shadow one might call me. A shadow from The Dark would call me a Nightmare.” “The Dark! My friend…” “Yes your friend Daniel will guide you through with… others.” The voice said with disgust. I woke up Daniel was there. “I’m sorry for getting you into this, but did you see him? Did you see Shadow.”